LB coil fed laser solutions leave conventional press blanking behind: they combine the advantages of both laser cutting technology and the use of coil as the feeding material. Reduce your cost per piece and achieve greater flexibility in your production.

Some of advantages offered by DANOBAT LB coil fed laser solutions over conventional press blanking systems are:

* Savings in maintenance

Press blanking systems require different dies for each part type, which generate big maintenance expenses. Unlike press lines, DANOBAT’s laser blanking system adapts to each part type without having to change the die, thus allowing you to increase your savings and maximize your benefits.

* Down time elimination

The time normally spent for swapping the press dies will now be saved with your coil fed laser.
This consequently highlights the productivity of your laser cutting machine when compared to press lines.

* Space optimization

Press lines take up much more space than a coil fed laser machine and ,on top of that, they require extra storage area for the dies. If you install a coil fed laser machine, you will considerably optimize the use of space.

* Greater flexibility

Thanks to DANOBAT’s coil fed laser cutting machine you can achieve a more flexible manufacturing process and better results in the production of different part types, since you will no longer need any press dies.

* Optimal system for small batches

Compared to press lines, DANOBAT’s coil fed laser cutting machine direct from coil is the optimal manufacturing system for small batches because it allows greater savings in time and in energy consumption.

* Energy saving

Equipped with state-of-art technology, DANOBAT’s LB laser blanking machine is more efficient and consumes less energy than conventional press lines. Energy savings consequently reduce the cost per part and your total production cost.

Benefits of coil fed laser compared with press blanking lines

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