• Danobatgroup’s Sheet Metal Division collaborates closely with Ideko on all new laser developments
  • The initiative’s goal is to develop a Smart, robust and clean cutting line.

Today, laser cutting process lines are an innovative alternative to traditional press cutting for the automotive sector, because of the great flexibility they offer, and the fact that they do not require a die or tool to cut the part. These new systems also offer great savings in the purchase cost, maintenance and occupied space, which is why both service centers and OEMs are backing these developments.

However, this new technology involves different challenges and, to meet the market requirements, it must evolve in areas such as increased productivity, robustness and efficiency, incorporating smart systems in order to achive an autonomous line, all integrated within a ergonomic, safe and clean environment.

With the aim of answering the current challenges posed by these solutions, the Research Center Ideko takes part in the ROSMA project, an initiative framed within Basque Government’s business R&D Support Programme, Hazitek, which is targeted at the development of new technologies for the optimization of laser blanking processes, an innovative solution that replaces press cutting and with applications in the automotive sector.

The Ideko Research Center has extensive experience in the field of blanking laser cutting, thanks to its long-standing close collaboration with Danobatgroup’s Sheet Metal Division, and collaborates in this initiative through its manufacturing processes research group, which has a team dedicated to the design and optimisation of the laser cutting process, as well as the introduction of the state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced solutions in this process.

ROSMA project is aimed at achieving cutting lines with three main features: high portability to make steel cutting line assemblies cheaper and simpler; robustness, developing lines with zero defects and unwanted downtime; and intelligence, i.e. the integration of smart systems in the areas of quality, production and platform 4.0 to attain effective management.

Blanking laser is the future in the automotive industry

Blanking laser is the future in the automotive industry