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We are at the forefront of digitalization, integrating in our machines the latest developments in 4.0 industry. Our Sheet metal solutions are in continuous evolution, becoming each day smarter and more efficient to increase throughput and flexibility, due to a better interaction between machines, processes and people.


DANOBAT machines integrate a very user-friendly Human-Machine Inferface, that includes programming support, improves workflows, increases productivity and makes maintenance easier gathering the available machine tool and part data on a single control screen. It also helps optimizing the maintenance cycles as it is shown all the information related to the status of the workpieces based on usage time.


It is a multiple services package based on capturing, storing and processing machine’s operating information, in order to analyze the machining process and machine’s behavior. The access to the machine’s status from any tablet or smart phone, enables the customer to monitor possible failures and maximize production performance.

Among other things, it allows: continuous monitoring of machine status, real-time manufacturing process information, fault anticipation and the implementation of intelligent maintenance strategies.


Set of different intelligent devices integrated in the machine that, based on the information received from multiple detection-switches, act to improve the performance and accuracy of the machines, optimize process times, increase the lifespan of tools, etc.


Enter the digital manufacturing world and discover our sheet metal solutions, the latest developments that make the factory of the future a reality of today.

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