Coil or blank fed punch shear combination systems

The punch-shear combination machines are the result of the integration of processes, key for the optimization of the production. They integrate two top technologies on the same machine: punching and shearing ones, and this integration permits to start with raw material and obtain finished part in a single system, thus reducing maturation period of the product and improving material flow.

Regarding the raw material, the punch shear combination machine could be fed from both, blanks and coil.

We will now proceed to take a look at the advantages of each feeding system.

Adapted with a coil feeder

  • The cost of the raw material is cheaper.
  • Savings in material as you can cut to the exact required length.
  • Ideal solution to process very long parts.
  • Reduce raw material inventories.
  • You can use it as a cut to length line to stack blanks for other machines if needed.

Adapted with an automatic loader with several positions, or a tower with a variable number of shelves.

  • Both options give the possibility to have different blank sizes ready to load.
  • Fast exchange of different thicknesses from 0.5mm to 4mm.
  • Great variety of materials in a minimum floor space.

Definitely, the punch-shear combination machine is the ideal solution for rectangular parts and large production volumes with open possibilities to be fed from both coils and blanks.

Punch-Shear combo machines are the best solution for rectangular parts

Punch-Shear combo machines are the best solution for rectangular parts